Saturday, March 5, 2022

A Review: A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft

This book was slow to get going and I had to once again, draw on my four chapter rule.  Ya'll it's a good rule, and I encourage anyone to adopt it. It gives me just enough patience to allow the story to get some direction.  It works almost every time.


A Far Wilder Magic, by Allison Shaft  begins with Margaret Welty, who is living mostly by herself.  Her mother an alchemist is almost always gone on research trips. Her family ties are almost non-existent since her father and brother have passed away.  Her mother is buried into her work, leaving Margaret alone most of the time.  While splitting wood one evening, she sees a mythical fox called a hala, and after sighting it she knows a hunt for it will begin in her town.

Wes Winters has dreams of becoming an alchemist however he keeps getting fired from his apprenticeships. In hopes of studying with one of the most well known alchemists, Master Evelyn Welty he travels to the small town of Wickdon...out in the middle of nowhere.  This is where he meets Margaret Welty, her mother the Master alchemist is out of town, and she agrees to let him stay until her mother gets home.  However, she doesn't reveal to him she's not exactly sure when she'll be back.

When the official contest for the hunt for the hala begins, Margaret wants to join in the hunt. She needs an alchemist partner, and convinces Wes to join her even though he's not technically an alchemist. 

My thoughts:

Beautiful world building and character development.  I love how the two main character's stories slowly begin to intertwine. They're both very relatable characters with insecurities, fears and strength that really brings them to life.  There are splashes of our own world issues such as racism, poverty, and disconnected politicians to make everything relatable, but with a touch of magic and beauty that remind us we are in New Albion, and not in the Pacific Northwest of the US. It had a slow start, but by the middle of the book I couldn't set it down.  Definitely worth the read.  

A Far Wilder Magic is available for purchase beginning March 8, 2022! 

Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book free for review.  This however does not affect my opinions, as I do not leave a review for each book I receive. There are links to Amazon, clicking these links won't cost you anything but any purchase helps support this blog.  Thanks!

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