Monday, June 27, 2022

Jagged Harts: A Review


Jagged Harts by Katelyn Taylor follows the story of Aubrey and Dax.  Aubrey has traveled from California to Alabama on scholarship to the university.  She's broke, and on her own, but quickly lands a job at the local pub as a waitress. Aubrey however keeps everyone at arm's length, she's sassy, independent and a trained MMA fighter. She also has a dark past that she doesn't want to talk about. 

Dax is a good looking, womanizing MMA fighter that every girl on campus wants to be with and he knows it. He meets Aubrey one evening when she's walking alone and gets mugged.  He comes to her rescue, however she wasn't happy about it.  She quickly told him off, let him know she could have handled it on her own...and it completely baffled him. He was used to women falling all over themselves for him, and she was less than impressed.


Things that I love in this story:

  1. Strong Independent female lead.
  2. Protective, dark and broody male lead.
  3. Characters that I really related with.
  4. Slow burn romance.
Ya'll, I'm going to be honest with you, this isn't normally my type of book. However, I really really related to the MFC. Aubrey was practically me in my late teens early twenties, minus the touch of literary drama (the only kind of drama I like!). I was an angry young adult, and I kept the world at arms length, and ya'll...I also did martial arts and MMA.  I also hated it when someone felt like they had to rescue me...maybe I should rename myself Aubrey. 


I loved the pacing and the slow build of the romance and the storyline. Both Aubrey and Dax came off as nasty and aggressive but it was relatable, specially because of their difficult pasts.  They had been hurt and had built a protective hard shell around themselves, and both Aubrey and Dax recognized that in each other. I felt the ending was a bit predictable, but it still didn't away from it.  Overall I think this was a bit different from the other types of romance novels that involved fighters because Aubrey was just as much of a badass. So if you like badass romances with tough guys that are actually softies, you'll enjoy this book.

Jagged Harts releases June 30, 2022 and will be on Kindle Unlimited! 

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