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Shadow and Crystal Thorns by Kay L. Moody

 Shadow and Crystal Thorns is book 2 in Kay L. Moody's Fae of Crystal Thorn series. If you haven't read book one stop and check out my review for book one here.


War would be easier if she could tell who was right and who was wrong.

Chloe remains in Faerie, but she's only supposed to stay long enough to defeat the bloodthirsty mortals who are trying to claim the land for themselves. But now she's not so sure she wants to return to the mortal realm, especially when the devastatingly handsome fae, Quintus, keeps asking her to stay.

Even worse, defeating the mortals becomes more difficult by the day while their numbers continuously grow. She also learns exactly why they want the land. As a mortal herself, it's hard to disagree with them. But they can't take Faerie unless they steal it from the fae.

Alliances blur when Chloe realizes both sides deserve what they seek. But only one of them can win.



Shadow and Crystal Thorns picks right up where book one left off, so if you haven't read book one you should absolutely start there.  Chloe, Quintus and crew are still working to make Faerie safe by cleansing the land of the iron the mortals brought over. The mortals, lead by Julius and Portia wage war against all the immortal fae, but even still Chloe tries hard to see the good in them and hopes to find a solution that will bring everyone peace...except maybe Julius and Portia. 

I love the sweet love story between Chloe and Quintus. It's so much different than the first series...the story between Brannick and Elora. I actually really didn't care for either one of those characters, and I specially didn't like Brannick...but I really do like Chloe and Quintus together.  I love how Chloe brings out the best in him, and I love how fiercly protective he is of her. 

Chloe and Quintus, along with Mishti and Ludo...and a dragon (!!!), work together to save all the courts of Faerie. Each person in the group brings their own strength, and Chloe strives to find her voice and make her ideas heard. She works passed most people underestimating her, proving to everyone that she is capable.

Overall, this book was a quick paced read. If you like a clean fantasy romance, definitely suitable for a younger audience be sure to add this to your TBR. 

Shadow and Cyrstal Thorns is available on Amazon and Bookshop beginning October 18, 2022.

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