Saturday, August 27, 2022

Tabula Smaragdina by Natalia Wawrzyńczak



Laura doesn’t believe in magic. All she cares about is a college scholarship and making her deceased father’s dreams come true.

It all changes when mistaken for the long foretold warrior, she is kidnapped to Pravia, a parallel magical world inhabited by creatures that she knows only from mythology. Laura wants nothing more than to go back home, but the only way to do that is to defeat the evil queen that seized the throne by trickery.

Laura is soon embroiled in the local intrigues and deceptions of three political factions. She can’t avoid the enormous expectations that the creatures of Pravia impose on her. The only friend she has is a vampire, Bastien. As a member of the opposite faction, he is despised by all the other creatures. In the land where even spies have spies, Laura has to choose who to trust.

War is in the air, and the prophecy is clear about a great battle… But can you win a battle not being the chosen one?


You guys, I really loved this book...but please aware, it is high fantasy. There are unicorns and elves, and dryads, and a dragon queen...and so much more, and it was all put together so well.  This book offers a beautiful escape from reality.  There is a touch of European mythologies thrown in there from many different parts of Europe, such as the Tabula Smaragdina, the names of two of the dragons being Morrigan and Dagda, Mimir being a healer,  and we even have a cameo from Idunn. I think it was a missed opportunity to incorporate them in a more traditional way because other than their names, as they did not represent their mythological namesakes. Overall, the writing is descriptive with out being overly so, painting a lovely picture of a beautiful world.

In the story we have a magical story of a young lady who has a serious case of imposter syndrome. She is even labeled the destiny thief. Many people believe she is the warrior of fire who came to save them all by defeating their dragon queen.  She is whisked away from her normal life as a college student and thrown into a world of magic that she is hardly welcomed in. When they realize she doesn't have any fighting skills, and is even a slow learning when it comes to swords everyone begins to doubt her. Feeling lonely and looking for any friendship, she is seduced by a vampire that may or may not really be her friend. And truly...she just wants to go home. This book played with my emotions and was not predictable at all. If you like high fantasy with lots of character development and twists and turns you will love Tabula Smaragdina by Natalia Wawrzyńczak.

Tabula Smaragdina is available for purchase on Amazon.

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