Thursday, September 1, 2022

Blood and Potions by Maya Morrison



An assassin who lives for the hunt. A vampire that loves the chase. A job that went wrong, and a bite that changes everything.

It was supposed to be a simple job. Steal an artifact from a top-secret location, and gain intel about my sister’s killer. Instead, one false move lands me in the hands of the renowned vampire overlord, Quillian Kingsley.

Quillian is cold, callous, and notoriously ruthless with his enemies, especially those he believes wronged him. I was prepared for my death...until he tasted my blood.

After days of interrogation, we come to a mutual agreement, and I agree to his terms by swearing a Blood Oath. I stay in Esneoh to help hunt down his enemies and play the role of his doting wife. And in kind, he will help me find my sister’s killer.
The job should have been easy; however, with every new kill and pursuit, I find myself drawn to the dark, dangerous, and sinfully gorgeous overlord.

There is just one problem - all roads point to him as one of the main suspects. And in this game of power, secrets, and lust, neither of us might come out alive when the truth unveils itself. 


First of all...this book is steamy! 

The book jumps right in, introducing Meraki as the strong resilient assassin that she is.  The world is beautifully laid out with out the gross info dump.  Meraki is independent and a well trained assassin and thief, living in a world that I can't possibly imagine. She feels she owes her life to the Alokari, the organization she works for. They have trained her for this life, and she is one of their best.  Her sister early on failed the test, and she spends her life looking for clues to kill who ever killed her. 

When she first meets Quillian in a club the attraction is immediate. She doesn't know his name, so he's Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. On a job to finally get the necklace that should hold clues to her sister's murder, she runs into Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome again...they were both there to take the necklace. She later learns he's a vampire, and he's immune to most of the tricks she knows.  He's able to subdue her, and he kidnaps her to learn about why she was there, what she knows and who she works for.  

Fast forward we end up with a fake relationship trope, and it's done very well.  The physical relationship felt easy, but the two of them slowly figure out if there is anything to their fake marriage beyond amazing sex...which there's a ton of.  If you enjoy the fake relationship type trope, with a bit of an emotional slow burn with a side of alphamale possessiveness, you will like this book. Be warned, this book ends on a HUGE plot twist and a bit of a cliffhanger.

Rating: 4 stars

Steam level: 9/10 ---- hot hot hot

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