Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Last Kamaali by Lori Holmes



Courage. Truth. Sacrifice.

Nyriaana and Juaan are no longer protected by the might of the Hunting Bear Clan. Alone and on the run, they need to choose their allies and enemies wisely if they are to evade the vengeful clutches of their former chief, Eldrax. But with nowhere to hide, can they truly run forever?

Tormented by visions of the fabled Last Kamaali, Nyriaana must now decide if she is ready to sacrifice everything in order to fulfil her ultimate destiny. In doing so, she may not only lose those she loves most, but unwittingly awaken ancient powers that will jeopardise the very existence of humanity.

In this final chapter of the Ancestors Saga, all races of men must decide once and for all what it truly means to be human.

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Wow...this book ya'll.  My only regret is starting with this book and not starting from the beginning, which I plan on correcting. First...this is a fantasy romance, but an absolutely unique world. It's primitive, with a side of magic, meddling gods, greedy clan leaders, witches, tribes...etc. Gorgeous storytelling, creating a beautiful picture of a harsh world. Get ready to fall in love with these characters.

We follow the story of Juaan and Nyriaana as they try to escape the leader of the Hunting Bear Clan,  Eldrax. Eldrax is a ruthless leader with high ambition to live the life of his choosing, and not to have to bow to gods or anyone else. Eldrax in the past has lifted his clan and protected them from other clans, but by killing a watcher has not only put his own clan in danger, but all of the clans.  

This book had me from the start, moving quickly while explaining some of the things I missed from the earlier books. It was an easy book to pick up and devour...but have your box of tissues nearby. I won't spoil it by telling you was an emotional read.

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