Friday, September 23, 2022

Queen and Conqueror by Isabelle Olmo

If you enjoy fantasy with a side of feminism and diverse main characters and a head strong female main character grab this book!


Almira was raised by a calculating father who forged her in political cunning. She’s prepared for this moment since childhood. Like pieces on a board, she lays out the players one by one.

One. King Alton, the brother-killer. The spare heir who killed his brother for lust of throne.

Two. The perfect seamstress. The people must admire a queen and welcome her with open arms. Even with a deadly armada behind her.

Three. The Queen’s Red Guard. The group of warrior women who have one purpose; to protect the queen at all costs. Even from her husband. Even from herself.

Queen & Conqueror is the first book in an epic feminist fantasy series told from the perspective of the women who rule and shape the future.

“Men will never be ready for women like us and it is not our job to ready them.


 Trigger warnings: death, child abuse, sexual content


I want to be Alimira when I grow up you guys. She is volunerable, and headstrong, she second guesses herself, and she's just so real. She not only surrounded herself with women, she uplifted them, and they sometimes checked her.  Like the truest friends will.

---Almira smiled and nodded. "Men will never be ready for women like us, and it is not our job to ready them."---

I love the elements fantasy tied in with feminism and diversity. This book was so refreshing. Almira was born in nobility, raised to lead by her father as his only living child. He makes sure she has the education and the tools to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. She forms her Queen's Guard..a group of completley badass women who are her armoured guards.

When her husband dies in a war, she divises a plan and submits a marriage proposal to the king who killed her husband. And ya'll...he accepts. His initial plan is not necessarily a kind one, but things slowly begin to warm up. They both are cautious about giving their hearts to each was the SLOWEST of slow burns. So refreshing.

This book is filled with so many twists and turns and surprises. Of course I'm not going to tell you the juicy bits, but have tissues close by. Olmo really does a wonderful job pulling you into the characters and making you feel deeply connected to them.

If you enjoy a slow burn, or even an enemies to lovers with a side of strong women leads that is full of diversity then be sure to grab this book.

Queen and Conqueror can be purchased on Amazon.

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