Sunday, September 11, 2022

Fractured Legacy by Cristen J. Faulkenberry

Stop!! This is the second book of her Lenoir Legacy series...if you haven't read book 1 yet, I strongly suggest starting there.  You can read my review for book one here.


All Rosealyn LeNoir wants is to take her rightful place as Queen of Orda’an. Instead, she’s magically connected to her father’s murderer, the ancient and once Lost Prince, Xannan LeNoir. When she learns her country has been attacked, Rosealyn must set aside her disdain for Xannan and discover the best way to help her people.

Charles, as king of Jearnia, wishes to repair the rift between himself and his brother while also mending the decades-long rivalry between the country of his birth and the country which protected him.

Memories surface and tensions escalate as all learn how far they will go to protect what they value most.

My rating:


Like the first book, this book was slow to get going. This particular time I really had to set reading goals to get through the initial story building section. If there is one thing that keeps this book from getting five stars it's the slow dry start. It is worth persevering though, and this book gets very exciting, but it's not until about chapter 12 or so.  So again, cozy up, get your tea, and dig in.

There's a broadening of many of the different storylines in the first book. The underlying romance between Charles and Rosealyn plays a bigger part in this book than it did in the second. They have lots to consider on whether both of them being ruling monarchs of their own countries makes it impossible for them to be together.  They end up working together to bring peace to the region, Charles coming to Rosealyn's aide when Orda'an is invaded by another country.  We get to know Xannan much more in this book, and we also get to know Rosealyn's mother.

We have political rifts, war, evil dragon like drokari, and an alliance between men, elves and dragons. This books very much reminds me a bit of Games of Thrones, not just in the shared genre, but the building of storylines and multiple storylines in one book that are connected. The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I'll be keeping an eye out for book three!

Spice level: 1 consensual kissing, no sex

Fractured Legacy released September 9, 2022 and can be purchased on Amazon or on Bookshop.

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