Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Voyages of Trueblood Cay by Suanne Laqueur

Months ago Suanne Laqueur sent me her book for review, and you was worth the wait on my shelves. If you love a deep romance story, in a romantasy setting with LGBTQ representation read on.


Pelippé Trueblood is on the voyage of a lifetime and hosting a temperamental, half-man half-horse onboard his ship. He just might end up killing his difficult guest. Or kissing him.

Trueblood is descended from giants and poised to be one of the world's great mariners. Raised by his father on the mighty ship Cay, he's chosen at nineteen for a perilous voyage predicted in ancient prophecy: find the lost Tree of Life and anchor her branches back to the sky. Young and unseasoned, Trueblood fears the gods may have picked the wrong man for the job. Worse, scripture demands he be accompanied by the beautiful, brooding Fen il-Kheir. Nothing in Trueblood's life at sea has prepared him for this dangerous new crew member, nor the feelings he plants in Trueblood's heart.

Fen is a kheiron--a creature with the ability to shift between man and horse. With his dark past, his distrust of humans and his contempt for prophecy, Fen proves a reluctant passenger who could jeopardize not only the voyage, but the very future of the world. As the journey progresses, Fen finds himself more and more drawn to the Cay's charismatic commander, bringing the kheiron closer to everything his human nature longs for, and everything the beast in him fears.


I knew from the second I read the prologue I was in for a treat you guys. This style of writing is the kind that makes you forget your sitting there holding a book, and instead there's a vivid picture of what is going on instead...and it's immediate. There were numerous times while reading this that I had to bring myself back to reality.

The world building was gradual and gentle. You'd think even with a prologue there would be some info-dumping, and there was not. Some of this story is told in journal entries, and some of these chapters are my favorite parts of this book. We begin the story when Pelippe Trueblood is a child, so the journal entries are adorably labeled "From the the Most Private Journal of Pelippe Trueblood" and usually it just documents stories of who he knows and how much he loves them.

Fen's character is just as in-depth, we simultaneously follow the growth of both to an extent. They are very different individuals and slowly watching them let their own guards down was one of the sweetest slow burns that I've read in a long time.

Also...for what it's worth. When I finished this book, I started it all over again. I couldn't enough... If you love a good love story, you're into romantasy, and love LGBTQ representation you will absolutely love this book.

The Voyages of Trueblood Cay was published January 24, 2019 is available on Amazon.

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