Wednesday, March 22, 2023

White as Witching by Katherine Buel

I picked up White as Witching by Katherine Buel on Netgalley, I still browse now and then looking for books that might grab my attention. I didn't realize when I grabbed it that it was a fairytale retelling, and it definitely snagged all the main points of Snow White's Story.


The Selection is a lie. The five girls chosen each year do not vanish into a life of royal luxury, as most believe. Snow knows this because she knows her aunt Lyric—the Witch-Queen of Cresilea—murderess and usurper.

When the Selection comes to the remote village where Snow has hidden since her father’s murder, she puts herself forward, trusting in her scarred face to hide her identity, and enters the castle she fled seven years ago—a place now haunted by unnatural whispers and eerie shadows.

But more is at stake than Snow’s revenge, or even the fates of five girls, and she must learn all she can about Lyric’s magic—and her own—before it’s too late.

Rich and darkly enchanting, White as Witching takes you into a perilous world of fairy tale where you must break the first rule:

Do not go into the woods at night.
Do not follow the faerie lights.
Do not dance and do not sing—set no foot in the faerie ring.


As in most fairytale retellings this book contained the structure of Snow White. We had Snow, the hunter, the evil queen and the dwarves. We also had the bonus of Rose Red who is left out of many Snow White retellings. There were some original twists to this retelling, like fairies, and fae..and fae kings.

The world building was gradual, the characters dynamic and I enjoyed watching them grow as they faced the queen. Be ready for the love conquers all is a fairytale after all. Generally I have to be in the mood for that kind of thing, which kept my goodreads rating from a five to a four.

This book is geared towards a YA audience, with sex being only implied. Triggers being parental death, death, gore and cannibalism.

White as Witching was published October 22, 2022, and is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book free for review.  This however does not affect my opinions, as I do not leave a review for each book I receive. There are links to Amazon, clicking these links won't cost you anything but any purchase helps support this blog.  Thanks!

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