Monday, January 2, 2023

Delicate Betrayal by Jessaca Whillis

Viking Queen out to slay a dragon? Yes, please.


A marriage to save the kingdom. A betrayal to leave it in ruins.

When Aenwyn’s magic unleashes a reign of dragons upon the kingdoms, she agrees to marry King Everard to atone for the devastation she's caused.

Queendom proves to be as dissatisfying as their loveless marriage. Until the day that fate answers her pleas for adventure with a vision of flames and a chance at redemption.

When the ruggedly handsome knight, Ser Darius Graeme, sees Queen Aenwyn fleeing the castle, he is bound by his oath to the king to chase after her and bring her back unharmed.

But nothing will stop Aenwyn from slaying the dragon and claiming its heart—and perhaps the knight’s as well.


Viking Queen? Yes, please. This was a well paced, well laid out book with an original plot and storyline. Aenwyn's origins are difficult to empathize with, having seen her entire community die. Being the only survivor of her community, she lived alone for very long time, having been described as feral by those who found her. She was adopted by Baug the Bear, who was the leader of his clan.  She later enters into an arranged marriage partly due to her responsibility in accidentally hatching a dragon that has killed thousands of people. She seizes an opportunity to escape her controlling husand to go slay the dragon...and by chance, she is followed by and then aided by Ser Darius.

Aenwyn I felt was constantly trying to refind herself, and her strength in this story.  Her marriage to the king was contractual and loveless, and when they married the king bound her magic with a ring. For a year she submitted to him, wore the ring, and tried her best to be an obedient wife. She bubbled over with frustration, and on her journey with Ser Darius seemed to have found herself.  The love story between Aenwyn and Ser Darius has left me a bit confused. Other than being physically attracted to each other I'm struggling to see what else their connection is.  He seems pretty foolish at the beginning of the book, even if he is solidly a good guy. I felt the struggle of loyalties between him and the king, and the queen could have been done with more depth.  I hope that it's touched upon more in book two. 

There were lots of twists and turns, and plots that I didn't see coming. Overall I enjoyed the book and recommend for anyone in the mood for a forbidden romance with a Queen who finds her own badassery! 

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