Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Well of Eida by KB Benson


Two years have passed since Ari was taken as a prisoner to the troll realm. Two years of blood staining her hands, killing as the troll king’s mercenary. In Eida, it’s kill or be killed, and Ari will do anything to survive.

But survival does not come easy in Eida, especially for a young woman with fire in her blood.

When Ari’s sold to one of Eida’s most notorious training masters, her survival comes with a price: unleash the monster she’s buried inside. A very real and very dangerous creature no opponent can defeat.

Ari expects to kill. She expects to survive. But she doesn’t expect her growing feelings for the man who has claimed her as his. Together, Ari and her master will cut down every opponent in the arena seeking to win a wish from their king.

Until a man from her past challenges her within those walls, and everything Ari has fought for crumbles. All for a man she once loved. But if she is to save her own life, she must take his.

After all, everyone dies in Eida.


What an emotional roller coaster you guys, I really enjoyed this book!!  There's betrayal, character growth, morally grey characters, plot twists, and surprises that really deepen this story.   The world building was gradual and brilliantly laid out. We learned more and more about this unique world as the story unfolded.

This book had me hating men at the beginning. Ari, our female lead, starts off so vulnerable, and she really comes into her own.  I initially really hated Graeden, and as soon as I started to like him he became a broody prick again.  I have to remember...he purchased her.  Gross. And then there was Tib, who was quite the opposite of Graeden.  KB Benson really didn't allow us to get attached to either man in the story, giving us reasons to doubt them both as the story went on.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, if you're looking for a fun fantasy read that keeps you guessing, then be sure to grab this book.

Well of Eida is scheduled to be released February 3, and will be available on Amazon.

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