Saturday, January 7, 2023

Game Review: Unpacking

I'm sure it may come to no surprise, I don't spend all my time reading books. In 2023 I've decided to expand my reviews a bit to include video games. This is my first video game review, so hold on to your hats.  It's a relaxing cozy little game called  Unpacking by Witchbeam.


This is a puzzle game, and you follow the life of someone through context clues in what you're unpacking. Unpacking begins in their childhood 90's home, and we follow their life through each move, from college, to relationships, to break ups, and more. In each of these moves you have to upack the boxes and find a place for each item.  Items have a specific area they need to be placed...clothes in the closet, books on a shelf, etc. You also get a nice little relaxing ASMR affect as you put things away.


I love how Unpacking tells you a story with out using any words or text. You can tell with some sentimental items that you see packed over and over again. Their stuffed pig, the Eifle Tower..or even some posters that we keep seeing, but with a little wear each time we unpack it. The soccer ball that gets traded in for the weights and yoga mat, and the family pictures that were framed or put on the fridge. 

Gameplay and Graphcis:

The gameplay is easy. Just click on the box, an item pops out and you can place it.  Right click to turn it around. You can click on drawers, and cabinet doors to place items inside. You can also click to the neighoring room if the item doesn't belong in the room you're in.

The graphics are basic, nothing too elaborate. If you look closely at some of the books and videos you might see something that resembles familiar things. The music is calm and relaxing, and not too loud that you can still hear the statisfying sound of your items being put away.

Overall, Unpacking was a surprisingly enjoyable game. I finished the game in just a few hours, and felt it was clean enough to let me eight year old also play it. He didn't like it as much as I did though. Any one who is looking for a stress free, puzzle type, game to unwind with would enjoy this game.

Difficulty level: Easy

Release date: 11/2/2021

Genre: puzzle game

Available on  Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC (through Steam).

Disclaimer: I purchased this game on my own, and gave it an honest review.  There are links to Amazon, clicking these links won't cost you anything but any purchase helps support this blog.

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